About us

We are a globally operating company with a focus on European markets. Our expertise ranges from production, management and delivery of highest quality events. Together with the industry experts we major in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, chemicals, utilities providing you with firsthand information and great networking possibilities.

Our goal is creating summits for world changers with friendly environment for comprehending knowledge and securing business.

How do we operate

We a creating a platform, two or three day summits where companies meet and exchange ideas. Through interactive features of the events like panel discussions, networking sessions, luncheons, dinners companies that come together on the events are able to create business relations that will enable them to benchmark both, when it comes to technical knowledge, but also business operations.

The profile of the attendee is carefully picked which ensures only experts and decision makers from the industry meet and exchange thoughts.


Below more details on our events and questions usually asked.

Please click on the photo of the event this will bring you to events webpage.
Where you will find a button to request agenda.

Yes, as a delegate you will receive a full list of summit attendees. For example to prepare for the networking possibilities. Because of the GDPR we cannot disclose this for non participants.

The number of participants may vary. Usually it is 50-150. This number ensures best networking possibilities as it is not too big and only attracting experts and decision makers.

The delegates are top level executives coming from all over the world I which about 80% from Europe. They are leaders in the industry.

There is such a possibility providing there will be free spaces. For more information contact events@fortesmedia.com

Yes it is possible, but our personnel needs to be informed 24h before the event.

Please drop us an email  speakers@fortesmedia.com or call us on +48 61 250 4 880

Travel arrangements and hotel arrangements are entirely participants obligation.

When we choose a venue for the conference we always take number of participants in account.

We will secure with the hotel a set rate for conference attendees . This will be subjected to availability and will be available on first come first served basis. We will not accept any liability booking rooms or travel arrangements.

There are 2 possibilities to do this.

a.You can reach out to us and we will send you a pdf to print fill out sign scan and send back on this basis we will be able to secure your space.

b. You can sign up and pay online by clicking button to REGISTER please have your card at hand to process payment.

The possibilities are bank transfer, once we receive the registration form from you we will send you an invoice with our bank details. There is also a possibility to pay by credit card and PayPal.

Yes this is absolutely possible the name of the attendee should be given latest 24hours before the event.

Once a payment has been  settled we can provide you with a visa invitation letter.



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